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philippines port authority that was relief trucks and vehicles that seemed to help not earthquake but 86 phenomenon and hurricanes the devastation it took place a year ago they were surprised at our capacity that's the kind of thing i know jim you've been working with them a lot of people don't recognize our ability to deliver and move large vehicles and things like that hopefully not an emergency situation but if needed we are willing ready and able. >> i also want to thank iou d when we do our marketing efforts jim awe lautd lutd to this we
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have the support of i o w u on those efforts i want to thank you. i know the customers have expressed a little bit of surprise but we're pleased to see the strong relationship that is serving us all well, to expand jobs so i want to thank those representatives from the iowu for all our efforts easing as well as the other activities and certainly as metro and jim to reach out to hopefully not today but off-line to you o w or w you see activities throughout the area and perhaps i have other ideas and best practices you must be able to share with us so i want to thank all of
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you. >> thank you very much he next item. >> item 9 a transmittal of public comments on the land use review 1997 through 2014. >> good afternoon commissioner president katz and commissioners commissioner ho and commissioner brandon i'll just start off here brad and i will be giving you an update on our outreach efforts as it relates to the waterfront land use review and the update on the waterfront plan is that - working? in august we did release a large
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report - >> down at the bottom excuse me. there's a projector keep going. >> there you go. >> thank you hey, hey. >> my one skill okay. well - in my case i wanted to do somewhat an update rather than an update in august we give i a comprehensive review for the waterfront not happening or happening on the waterfront and we set a comment period for the end of september that was substantially extended is to the end of november where we found that people need more time to absorb the information and understand the report and for
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since that timeline has just passed we wanted to transmit the comments from the public so for and give you sort of a summary of our outreach efforts and to also provide some clarification i think that there was some confusion about what the purpose of report was as it relates to a discussion about updates to the waterfront land use plan and so doing we've done a number of about 20 public presentations on the report and the plan and the challenges facing the port we wanted to make sure we haired with the port commissioners the updated information we share with the community in terms of the public comments we've received we've received 37 individual comments
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that have come in so for and we're continuing to do more outreach because we want to make sure there is a city and regional audience that receives this information and we would like to get more commenters on record and attached it to the staff reporter report i think you can see the number may not be huge the volume and issues that have been conveyed is quite substantial we're in the process of cataloging those issues we're not here to speak to those issues but make them available to the commission and public to that end we've posted them on the website and as comments come in we'll continue to post those so people have the opportunity so see the issues we're facing.
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with respect to the waterfront land use plan review report as you recall we did you've seen a drama i dramatic change later than the waterfront we're trying to get our arms around the change and the project reviewed for the port we're looking at $1.6 million in public and private investment for the open space and 19 historic resources that have benefited from the investments along with a number of major new developments that have been along the waterfront but i think the mistake is in thinking this is a report only looking backwards if we're going to be able to update and refresh the waterfront plan there's needs to be a public understanding what worked what
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doesn't and we're trying to get the public and commission for the project prosperous moving forward i apologize this is alters technical difficulty on those slides i have hard copies of the power point this should be distributed we have a presentation on the website but the large point we're trying to highlight and articulate more clearly for the general public have what are those big planning issues we face ahead in terms of the neighborhood as well as port wide in general from our assessment the policy structure of the land use project plan is pretty sound the bones of the policy are turn down i sound but in terms of the areas we want more focus and update open policies we've called out the south beach and the northeast
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waterfront neighborhood particularly with refreshing and identifying the water strategies that can improve the facilities in the areas we also are acknowledging that within the southern waterfront through the efforts of commissioner brandon and sxhadz they're helping us to hone the maritime industrial master plan for that area we recognize needs to be completed and because of xhangz from the ac d.c. plans commission is key to the update and planning process we set up with the community in terms of our big projects underway the 4 city project underway through the 70 and the giants project those are planned
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projects moving forward that we continue to work in that vein on that should continue to go forward we wanted to also highlight in clearer form the port wide issues yonl i don't believe quite frankly, we've highlighted for the commission back in august in our discussions with the community and many of those challenges with the public agencies ax oracle d.c. and the planning staff we can look at the issues better so we will speak to that actually brad will be doing that part of the presentation we've tried to articulate boil down the big policy questions on land use, transportation, open space
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the environment, historic resources, the seismic conditions of the waterfront and how are we dealing with the sea level wise and the summary brochure you should have received in the packet inserted in with the public comment in the next steps as i mentioned we want to continue the public outreach by putting the comments on the website we'll probability see another round of public comment as well as going to more groups and analyzing the public comments and come back to the commission and give you a run down of the adverse that have been received in my update to the waterfront plan and the public community processes we recognize that we're going to have to
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supplement the advisory group with more city level public structures in particular for the south beach neighborhood planning we need to relook at our advisory group to have a body within that neighborhood that can speak and work with the port on any policy updates for the area we expect to be come back to the commission in february and march with a staff proposal to set up the water date plan on the issues in the report and the issues that will be summoned up by brad right now which we didn't provide to you earlier on we've been sharing that with the community in the last couple of months and want to insure you had an opportunity to hear the issues and give us our direction as well so with
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that, - >> thank you diane brad benson with the special projects really happy to be working with dooib and byron on this effort if we can go back to the presentation one of the things we heard from the commission what it is good to look back and good to look another what's been accomplished and what are the big issues going forward and what are the things we have to grapple with in the waterfront plan and what is going to engage the project and how much of the port is left to do and that set us back to the computer so toward to map that and think about the issues we put together this presentation i'm sorry that the
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font size is not working well ms. tan has done a wonderful job but i'd like to go through those slides and share with the waterfront issues that diane was mentioning first imperch to work with the multiple partners for the shipping and the port working on the crane coffee park we had the benefit of the 72 to 28 vote on proposition f to increase to the waterfront and working with an affiliate with the giant in the neighborhood in microbe mission bay that needs to go to the ballot it will continue to be a issue to be resolved for the project we've been working closely with
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metropolitan transportation agency and the planning department and the san francisco transportation authority on some of the transportation issues there's continuing work on a lot of the transportation saefrment 15e789 and looking want street grid and the transportation that is serve the areas most impacted by the growth over the next 20 to thirty years in the south of market and the waterfront area and will continue to coordinate with them commission has heard a presentation on the embarcadero and another joint project with sfmta monique has 2krikd staff to look at the transportation needs of the port how are the tenants navigating the congestion along the waterfront that work is underway and with the planning to continue to work on the open space network it is one of the
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most important things we do for residents in the city they're also regional designations a big focus is ac/dc looking at the plot behind the ferry building to reach the level of the surrounding areas are that it is a highly you think functioning open space and the jerry is looking to deliver the crane park the first acres in 2015 and we have continuing needs to improve the public realm all along the waterfront from a citywide prospective obviously dealing with affordable housing crisis in the city need to address affordable housing particularly in the context of our neighborhood projects mayors is recently announced a new policy m will production distribution and repair how those light industrial
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activities are being priced out of san francisco and how they're important to that maintain a strong job in the city and we have a lot of light industrial space along the waterfront how can we play a role one of the critical thing that people expect of us how we're being good stewards of the waterfront in terms of high air quality and the stormwater improving up and down the waterfront how do we carry those lessons into the big neighborhood projects so we've got that sustainable neighborhood development in pier 70 along the waterfront pr so we've been looking at our hectic resources we've got two national registered districts pier 70 just nominated this past year and the embarcadero hectic
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district comprised of the piers as we look at the piers and think about you know how we're proving the piers going forward we see there are different construction types for the piers many piers have been in the bay for years piers that are older and century old are in brown and those are the projects in the ferry building and extending along north to the xoufrm and pier 19 and 23 are only 7-year-old they're in better condition so is legitimate of time the piers have been in the bay rebuttal on their current condition and the improvements so cognizant of the importance of seawall a condition
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authorizing the seismic lifts to the great seawall and current engineering assessment is that the seawall is in good condition but the bulk head wafer is a part of the seawall that is connected and runs underneath the budget head buildings is in poor condition mostly a one hundred years old it is liquidating the risks behind the seawall and whether or not the seawall he might be prone to movement and if it moves how it effects the embarcadero and the utility of the structure along the embarcadero and the bulk head buildings that is really important to understand the seismic risks as we go forward into public planning seawall rise the commission asked us to be mindful about the policy for the capital plan this
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slide is showing the projected seawall rise for 36 inches blus a hundred year flood that has a one percent chance of happening in my one year it is projected for 21 hundred you see the current shoreline there's flooding in multiple areas many mission bay and the creek and the downtown areas of san francisco if you look at the projects for 20050's that are 12 inches plus a hundred year flood it protects the city from flooding it may need improvements but it won't last forever we don't know when this seawall rise will hoop the science is pointing out at regions so looking at a section view if
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you have been walking along the seawall the water level has been my right up a pier level in some cases with the storm surge and with 12 inches of seawall rise the piers are subject to frequent flooding with 36 niches regularly flooded and the seawall itself over the top so where is the city line of defense is it at the county shoreline new york posting sandy has been grappling with those 0 obviously this project is beyond the scope of the port it is a city project a regional project that involves regional regularity or registry terrors and requires federal
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money in the at the end but impacts the land use choices we make at the port level we have to be talking with the city about the land use choices so the city has flexibility to protect itself in the future this slide is a trig to show some of the policy conflicts of seawall rise and i'll walk through it quickly showing some of the piers are circuit to topping over the waves today, we're facing that risk now over time i seawall rise and there will be more frequent flood exposure to the piers eventually there is a problem with maintaining the piers the gray bar shows the work window there slink to be costly there is not enough hours we can get a clue underneath the piers to do the maintenance work and eventually the piers are we
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regularly flood city needs to build a line of defense it needs to raise the current seawall wall or build a levy this is a guess maybe by 2050 that need to protect the city so where they build that line of defense how does a relate to the horizon links in blue shows the leasing telling him term of 66 years private financing for a major project takes 60 years and tax credits require 40 years how do we resolve those issues with the seawall rise with the piers what's the appropriate this slides basically shows in the 10 year capital plan the line in red on the left is the
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amount the port should be maintaining for a good repair and the line of imply is showing what we actually spend today about $30 million falling behind every year and on the right you see what is funded in our 10 year capital plan versus the unyou think funded need in pink to maintain the state of good repair capital plan excludes the cost for strengthening the seawall for purposes of dealing with the seawall line we have a gap and no capacity within the port itself those are big chambers so this is showing it is a confused slide because it is a fund issue but basically, the development today represents 33
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percent of the sources to address the ports 10 year capital need before the warriors left that was up around 45 percent we think that this percentage is going to shrink over time so less and less 10 that slietdz shows the regulatory context it briefing shows in blue are the maritime tenors we're building in an area for maritime that's the kind of project to approve that makes sense wear a port next easiest the lighter greenland areas fairly easy to get approvals mostly approved for the giant project piers are much more difficult and diane with the original
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waterfront plan it is fair to say an important project to align our ears from admission creek and exemption that the city in 1978 from the bay bridge really others immediate piers on a regulatory are from the bay bridge to pier 39 and outside of area it is more difficult from a prospective to get to our question commissioner ho how much are available for that development 44 percent of port is dedicated to planned maritime uses 20 percent is dedicated to current or planned open space, you seem to have a great deal of consensus about that in terms of
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real estate for development projects currently and plans 26 percent and those are moscone but to the maritime component how much is left after all of that this is what exists exists or is planned we're seeing 5 percent that we're clear or our mixed use opportunities the piers in the northern waterfront area and a few seawall lots and federal waterfront another 44 acres we're not sure if their development areas we're calling them economic jerry and regulatory challenges so through the public planning process the public and you and the city of at large is going to determine whether or not those will be developed sites. >> and this is the port overall you see it all added up really
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10 percent to grapple with with the land use updating to our plan. >> and the two neighborhoods where that 10 percentage is you know go basically located the south beach area and the north eastern waterfronts so with that, that's our presentation addressing some of the bigger policy we look forward to our feedback to make sure we are warrior he getting the information to the public. >> thank you i really want to thank you brad, diane and bye proton iron and david up there and others i know that we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg terms of the incredible amount of work and
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thank you for the presentation that has going up and down gone into this point opening it up for public comment any public comment? seeing none, i guess i should note we've been soliciting public comment for a couple of months now so we have some i don't think such we want to see and we'll be keeping that process open and soliciting further comments i've found those helpful so i must comprehensive their classic not in my backyard but others taken the land use plan we're effected by what happens and take into account a look at the big picture as well as the specific requests so some of the respondents made but there are
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many people that took time and effort and submitted extremely thoughtful comments we had a lot of public comment not today but rather significant comments in our binders we'll get more as we continue the effort >> you know a couple of things that i'd like to note and turn to my colleagues before i get to the specific comments but one i really want to reiterate what you've already said we'll be working with a process going forward? not the process but the step to getting united states to the process moving to the next level soliciting the comments as well as you going out to so many different groups to get their gutter is helpful but one of the things we're lucky enough to
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have part of the technology world that we have new opportunity for outreach and i know we'll be engaging those how to get more people a engaged in our processes and be more one of the themes or comments even from our critics was that traditionally the port has been essentially stronger in seeking the public comment in our promotions we'll continue to do so we've had a couple of projects but overall a reputation has already been very strong and i know we'll take advantage of the technology we have before us and want to participate and make sure that our commission stays involved in helping to develop the processes to we can be inclusive as a


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